Nurture your Muda.
earn $seed.
save the rainforest

This is the Mataverse: A sprawling jungle planet, whose denizens are under threat. Take back the power, recharge the Mudas economy, and restore their home to its former glory with the first Web3 experience that makes a tangible difference in the real world.

Grow your
own free NFT

Each Muda is totally unique; a one-of-a-kind mix of the Mudas that came before them. With two types of Mudas available for nurturing — Elders and common — you don’t have to play the game to “play the game”.

Common Mudas are free to mint (plus gas).

Planting trees, 

Replanting the rainforest is a complex issue. We know this from experience. That’s why we’re working directly with some of Brazil’s most effective and respected NGOs — to turn your in-game actions into positive change for decades to come.

A HUGE variety of interactions and rewards

Revolutionary ways to earn crypto, daily rewards, mini-games that pay you to play them, free lotteries, all tied up with an innovative community-led storyline. This is the state of play for Mudas version 0.1. But we have bold visions for where this is headed, and you’ll play a key role in shaping how that looks.

Join the Mudas Genesis

We’re making the final finishing touches on Mudas version 0.1. In the meantime, register your interest here to join the Mudas Genesis Whitelist. Genesis Mudas will not only feature rarer traits than those that follow; they’ll be entitled to enhanced rewards in-game.

Join the Mudas Genesis mailing list to get early access to minting, as well  as project news, and insights from the Mudas DAO.

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